Rob Kall:

Speaking and Consulting

Rob has presented to and done workshops for national professional conferences, Fortune 500 companies, and companies of all sizes.

He speaks on Bottom-up and top-down applications and thinking for business, organizations, and individuals. Bottom-up is an idea that touches most aspects of our lives.

Rob consults with all size companies and organizations, including non-profits, helping them to tap the power of bottom-up. Failure to understand bottom-up aspects of our culture and business can be catastrophic.

The web and the explosion of new media, social media, web 2.0 and social networking are changing YOUR world fast. And the changes are affecting your organization and it's ability to achieve its goals.

You don't have to spend tens of thousands of dollars or hire a new person to get your company or organization up to speed. We can help you develop affordable strategies that can actually cut your costs and boost your reach, your access to information about your millieu and your ability to nimbly respond to adverse coverage.

Our packages start at as little as $325

What we do:

-assess: We'll review whatever profile you send us, then do on-line research and analysis, yielding metrics on your org's online presence, website, representation in the blogosphere, social media, etc.

We evaluate
  • your current needs, objectives, knowledge, strategies,
  • your current on-line presence, tools used, social media used, reach, profile, assets, liabilities, metrics
  • your current staff resources. Most orgs have staffers with skills and knowledge they're not yet tapping. This means you may be able to implement new media strategies with little or no extra cost.
  • Your current business and career model. Taking the bottom-up approach can transform the way you see and relate to your work, your business, your clients. Yes. It can change your company and your life.
  • Discuss: after doing an analysis and reviewing the materials you provide us with, we'll discuss your current goals, strategies, plans, concerns and comment on options, possibilities, risks, liabilities.
  • recommend; We'll recommend specific strategies to build your way with specific steps towards reaching your goals. You'll leave with concrete steps you can take.

Just as the the invention of the written word helped to bring about civilization and Gutenberg's press helped to bring about the renaissance and democracy, the internet has started another revolution that is already well under way.

The world is rapidly shifting from a top-down way of operating to a bottom-up approach, with strategies, technologies, even ways of thinking and working that make it essential you learn to see, think and interact that way. People under 30 were marinated in the internet and that has drastically changed the way their brains work, If you want to reach under 30's, you MUST understand the bottom up mind and way of seeing, thinking, relating, communicating and working.

There is a whole new world of ways you can use new tools, technologies and bottom up ways of doing and seeing to reach the people and organizations you serve. Some of these new tools are essential to reach the under 30 generation which, with it's different, bottom-up mind, uses different technologies than over 30s.

The question is, how can you tap the power of the new media to grow your organization and keep up with the competition that is using new media technologies.

New Media applies to all the means for communicating that have developed in recent years-- internet, email, websites, blogs, facebook, twitter and many more. The "New Media" has become a Disruptive technology that has radically changed and improved the way things have been, creating a much more level playing field, where any person or organization can access the
communication-sphere-- mediasphere, blogosphere, etc.-- while before only the largest corporations and most powerful politicians and the wealthy had access.

A new media or social media expert analyzes the current interests, needs, resources and strategies of an organization and develops new strategies for integrating new media tools and bottom up approaches. New media strategies and approaches can be applied to:

Relationships: community, staff, advisors, board, volunteers, recruiting, retention, motivation

Promotion: Marketing, sales, prospecting, researching competitors, branding

Products and Services promotion, development, feedback, endorsement, trust building

events promotion, pre-event community, relationships, content development, invitations,

Public Relations in the new bottom-up world, PR is a two way process. There are tools you can use, at no cost, but staffing, for tracking your brand, your people, your industry. And there are essential approaches you need to take to make sure your org and your brand are effectively represented and promoted with both responses and initiatives. Of course PR is also used to defend against adverse events.

When you consider tapping the power of bottom-up technologies and processes, the following ideas and concepts come into play:

Wisdom of the Crowds the book, with the subtitle; Why the Many Are Smarter Than the Few and How Collective Wisdom Shapes Business, Economies, Societies and Nations,
Crowdsourcing; tapping the knowledge, experience and creativity of the crowd, the grassroots, your client base to develop new projects, products, conferences, talks, tests, etc.
The 80/20 or Power Curve or Pareto's Law which suggests that 80% of the work, the ideas, etc. gets done by 20% of the people... or less.
The Long tail a reason to pay attention to the other 80%

Social Media
Web 2.0
Social Networking
Awareness Building
issue advocacy
online communications,
volunteer mobilization,
organizational coordination
consulting services designed to successfully integrate online strategies with your overall objectives and goals.
Optimizing email
integrating print with internet
building email mailing lists

Website considerations we explore with you and your team:
  • Domain names
  • content
  • community
  • members free and paid-- why have both
  • retention
  • repeat visits
  • search engine optimization
  • identifying in-house content resource assets
  • customer/client/buyer's journey
  • things to stop doing
  • connection building
  • trust building

Reaching under 30s
  • their neuropsychology
  • their preferred communication tech
  • the communication tools they don't use.

  • using it for your org
  • using it to evaluate competition
  • using it to check out key people and potential employees
  • maximizing your reach beyond friends and followers

  • to tweet or not
  • reaching beyond followers
  • finding clients
  • finding news
  • finding competition
  • identifying third party websites and tools to max your twitter efforts

  • ideas
  • products
  • analysis
  • planning

  • reasons to do it
  • possibilities
  • responding to the blogsphere
  • reasons NOT to do it
  • costs-- staffing, time, investment

tracking your brand and people on the web
  • using google, twitter, etc.

Web Metrics
Many sites and tools for assessing how you, your work, your site are doing

by the hour $225,
8 hours for $1500
2 hour per month contract for 24 hours total over a year $3500.

$325 Quick Website and web strategy analysis and consultation.

Up to an hour of review, analysis, discussion and critique of your website and other web/social media strategies, then a brief written report with recommendations on look, features, layout. I ask what your goal is then make sure to offer you analyses that, if implemented, will insure that the goal is being maximally served by your site and the related tools and widgets available.

$500 introductory consulting package:
-Up to one hour doing research, reviewing material you send
-one hour on phone discussing goals, needs, suggesting new strategies, modifications
-30-60 minutes writing up report with recomendations

$1200 consulting package: (up to 8 hours of time included. Up to Six hours on-site. Add $150/hr for additional time on site.)

  • -pre-visit review of org presence on web and review of materials supplied by client. 90 minutes
  • -on-site presentation to principals and staffers on bottom up mind and new media revolution. 60 minutes
  • -on-site consult of discussions with principals on bottom up new media needs 60-90 minutes
  • -review of website functions, layout, goals: explore layout, functions, membership, content, tagging, blogging, tie-ins to other efforts 30-120 minutes
  • -discussion with staffers aimed at developing ideas and appraising existing skills and knowledge base. 90 minutes
  • -on-site training in use of tools we conclude will be useful-- facebook, google, twitter and more. 60-120 minutes
  • -Generate Report with recommendations 60 minutes
Warning. This day could change your vision of your company and your relationship with your employees and your clients and customers.